WoW Bots updated for Dragonflight and Classic Hardcore

Gold Farming via Gathering or Instance Farming Done For You

Leveling via Questing and Grinding Done For You

PvP Combat Rotations for Battlegrounds or Arena All Done For You

WoW Bots provide automation for leveling by grinding or questing and farming via gathering with professions. Included stand alone wow rotations bots for manual play. Use preset profiles or create your own. Working for all Live expansions Retail Dragonflight, Vanilla Classic, Hardcore and Wrath of the Lich King ready.

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Features for all expansions WOTLK and Classic Hardcore Included!

Full tank support.
Damage support.
Healer support options.
All Classes supported and all expansions supported.

Manual Play WoW Bot for Classic Hardcore and Dragonflight

Just move your character around and the wow rotations bot will do the rest, auto target and auto face your target that you choose to engage with making leveling or pvp a breeze. With WoW Bot Rotations designed for PvP for Classic Hardcore and WOTLK or Dragonflight. 

Full AFK Automation WoW Bots with Questing and Gathering

More than WoW Bot Rotations with auto strafing and auto level for you based on preset profiles. Choose questing or grinding, you will be happy with the ability to use such a user friendly WoW Bot & WoW rotations Bot that is also secure, it is like having an aim bot but for your class being able to perform it’s best – your raid group will thank you and your wrists will thank you too!

Classic WoW Bot Developed for WOTLK and Dragonflight

Advanced WOW Bot development includes Highly reliable WOTLK Bot, no drop in FPS or latency, customizable and optimized wow  rotations for World of Warcraft.

Dragonflight WoW Bot Support

WoW Bot support will answer your concerns and help you get the classic wow bot rotations setup if needed or use our forum to share or download preset wow rotations bot.

Advanced WoW Bot Security

Advanced security included as by default, we make sure your account is always safe with extended measures taken to keep warden out of mind and out of sight.

WoW Bot Grinding and WoW Gathering Bot Settings

Safe and Secure WoW Bots

Use preset profiles for your preferred wow bot routine and customize fully how you want it to interact with the enemies and players.

PvE and PVP WoW Bots Profiles

WoW Bot Rotations for custom wow pvp rotations bots or pve rotations whether you're a dps class or healing or tanking there are profiles ready for each faction.

WoW Bot Combat Settings

Enemies vs WoW Bot PVE

WoW Bots that take out the bad guys and heal the good ones (your teammates) there isn't much to put here other than the obvious.

WoW PvP Bot Battlegrounds

WoW Rotations Bot Combat for PvP

You can easily do PvE routines with any bot, most gold farmers do not rely on any advanced combat routines and so the bots that have a great understanding of PvP stand out so much they win battlegrounds.

WoW Gathering Bot Menu Settings

Smart Nav WOW Bot Pathing

Detailed map files help your bot navigate the whole world and avoid getting stuck into any objects or areas that otherwise would be easy to fly over. Smart Flying!

Baneto WoW Bot Settings WOTLK Classic

1 Click WoW Bot Settings

Need we say more?

Mission Control Remote WoW Bot System

Control your characters and monitor them remotely with the new mission control feature now with capabilities such as full vision of your character's status and actions.

WoW Bot Strafing Plugin​

Human like Combat strafing for battlegrounds while AFK, combined with wow rotations bot used with a macOS Tinkr LUA Unlocker or CD LUA Unlocker for Windows has you covered.

WoW Questing Bot Profile Creation Tool

Create your own wow quest bot profiles or load pre-set profiles.

Automate Leveling & WoW Rotations
with preset 1 to level cap preset pathing (Horde & Alliance)

The Owl WoW Bot provides an easy automation protocol that is non-intrusive, seamlessly emulating the behaviour of a normal player,
thanks to a powerful addon that uses pixel detection for status queries.